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west hampstead
Existing Family House Refurbished and Extended with Loft Conversion and Roof Terrace
Architect - Paul Archer Design

This project in NW6 is designed by Paul Archer Architects and involved extensive structural remodelling with the rear of the existing house removed.  

master bedroom and patio

A side infill extension with a continuous ribbon of glass runs along the side infill and up the rear elevation enclosing a small niche on the first floor. The side-party parapet walls were raised to form openings for full-height sliding windows and doors. These were installed by Fine Line Ltd. which involved a full road closure in order to crane the large sections of glazing over the terraced house to the rear elevation.  

The cladding to the rear elevations is coated in powder aluminium. The roof coverings are either structural glass or single ply membrane. There is a loft conversion to the upper floor and a stepped terrace has been formed, creating planters.  

childrens bedrooms

The children’s bedrooms incorporate custom-made furniture in sprayed MDF in various colours.  


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watford, view project

Field James - new build and refurbishment NHBC, the leading warranty and insurance provider

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